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FUN IN MAINE!!!                                                     reprinted with permission

        WINDHAM NOTES       April 1, 1998
892-5787       Deborah Fickett     4 Eric Road, Windham

Karen's Huskies Take Her Ski-Joring

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SKIJORING  - -  Tobin, left, and Leika are off the ground as they give Karen Applebee a quick start in the Bridgton Mushers' Bowl skijoring event in February.  They finished seventh that day, but for the season in Maine they were third. Tobin is a three-year-old male Siberian husky; Leika is a seven-year old female Alaskan husky.

Skijoring.  Harness a pair of huskies and connect them to a cross-country skier, then set them off flying across a five-mile course. The huskies' feet dig into
the snow-covered ground as the skier skate-skis behind. They start out the first mile traveling about 20 to 25 miles an hour, and then settle down to 17 or 18 mph for the rest of the course. Dog and skier work together to cross the finish
line with the best time. That is ski-joring, canine style.

Karen Applebee. Varney Mill Road, has been skijoring and dog sledding for about four years. She owns five dogs and uses them alternately for races. They train about three times weekly when the weather is cool enough, using sleds, skis or mountain bikes.
They can use only voice commands so the trust factor between animal and trainer must be secure. in the summer, Karen and her husband, Roy, take the dogs camping and hiking with them.

This year, with the Downeast Sled Dog Club, Karen and her dogs raced all over Maine and New England. At the Maine State Championship March  7-8, Karen
came in 7th. She was also third in the state for the entire season.
Karen says the question people ask most often is, "How do you get the dogs to run?"  She tells them that getting them to go is not the problem, stopping them is the problem. The dogs live and breathe to run.         Click Here to Return to Home

Fun in Colorado!
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"Timber" and his sidekick "Halo"

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Timber and
"Who needs a snowplow anyway?"

"I know they were behind me somewhere...."

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Timber and his sidekick is owned and loved by Sandy McNary of Colorado

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Fun in Illinois

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Cheyenne and Nikko have the greatest luck to own a person (Cindy Henrich) who cares about all aspects of keeping her Siberians happy.

They especially love the treats and yearly visits with Santa.

Thank You for Caring

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Fun in Louisiana

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Could a Siberian, or two, ask for anything more?  Trees, lots of running, a house filled with love.  No end to all the fun of living with Nita Nugent and family! Well traveled, Phantom and Ayla love frolicking up the mountains of Colorado on one of the early trips.

This is indeed another
Happy Home!

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